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Unreimbursed Medical Bills after my Kansas Divorce

Unreimbursed medical bills (co-pays, prescriptions, therapy, etc) can be a nightmare for parties to deal with after divorces.  I would suggest to insert language in your settlement agreement or decree providing for the process of how unreimbursed expenses should be dealt with.  For starters, pursuant to the Kansas Child Support guidelines, unreimbursed medical expenses shall [...]

Losing your Job and Paying Your Kansas Child Support

In these tough economic times, many parents who have a child support obligation are having a hard time meeting their obligation either due to a job loss, cut hours, or cut pay/bonuses.  Here are some tips to help alleviate some of the stress:
1.  Continue to visit your children according to your current parenting arrangement.  Do [...]

Does Kansas Child Support Stop if I am Incarcerated?

No, the obligor is still obligated to pay child support while he/she is incarcerated.  This is true if their is an order of support in place prior to the incarceration and if you request a child support order when the parent is in jail.  However, since the person required to pay is no earning an [...]

Do I have to pay Kansas child support if we have shared custody?

One word answer, yes.  Just because you have the child equal amounts of time does NOT mean that you are relieved from paying child support.  I have discussed child support in prior posts, however, I want to remind the audience what child support is for.  The purpose is to provide for the needs of the [...]

Is the Non-Payment of Kansas Child Support a Crime?

Kansas has a criminal statute that addresses the non-support of a child.  K.S.A. 21-3605 defines criminal non-support of a child as: “Nonsupport of a child is a parent’s failure, neglect or refusal without lawful excuse to provide for the support and maintenance of the parent’s child in necessitous circumstances.”  Non support of a child in [...]

What is a Stay-At-Home Mom Worth?

In honor of upcoming Mother’s Day, calculate your worth as a stay-at-home mom and write yourself a check, or calculate your Mom’s worth and give her some well needed recognition.
Please note, these figures are not relevant for child support calculations.

Is Overtime Included when Calculating Kansas Child Support Income?

With many families feeling the economic crunch, one or both spouses are forced to work overtime to make ends meet.  Many clients have asked me if this extra money will be included in their income for child support calculations.  The court generally only inludes overtime pay when overtime income is regularly earned by the party, [...]

Income for calculating Kansas Child Support

When calculating child support, many parents want to ensure that the other parent is also fulfilling his or her support obligation.  When one parent is either unemployed or underemployed is when arguments over incomes come into play.  One way to level the playing field is to impute income to the party who is deliberately unemployed [...]

Can visitation be suspended if Kansas child support isn’t paid?

This question is often asked by clients, as it doesn’t seem “fair” if the parent obligated to pay support fails to pay, however, the non-paying parent still gets to exercise his parenting time.  The Kansas courts view parenting time as a benefit for the children, and the obligation of paying child support is independent of [...]

Modification of Child Support in Kansas

In Kansas, child support may be modified based upon a material change in circumstances since the original decree, or prior modification.  The person seeking the modification has the burden of proof  to show that there is a material change in circumstances.
Kansas courts recognize the following as a change in circumstances for modifying support:

Three years has [...]