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Choosing your Emotions During your Kansas Divorce

Below is an excerpt from an article posted on Huffington Post.  The author of the article is  NY Times Bestseller for her book, and I think her insight into dealing with very hurtful words during a divorce are wonderful.
So when a different kind of rejection came my way in words that none of us wants [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Ask For Your Friends Advice During Your Kansas Divorce

Every divorce is different.  Different facts, different courthouse, different judge and most of all different parties.  People who have been through a divorce often end up thinking they are experts on divorce.  Granted, they have experience in divorce, but they are only an expert with respect to their specific case, not the field of divorce. [...]

Can I put my Kansas Divorce on hold?

Short answer: Maybe.
I get this question often from a client or potential client who has filed for divorce in Kansas and they are unsure if they want to proceed with the divorce.  The client is working on issues with their spouse, or something has come up in their life and they just don’t know if [...]

Insurance to Protect you in Case of a Kansas Divorce??

I have thought about writing about this twice.  I have seen the ads for WedLock Divorce Insurance and at first I thought it was a joke, but after reviewing their website and seeing several different magazines feature articles about the product, I decided to research it more in depth.  I honestly cannot say if I [...]

Divorce Tip of the Week: Stop.Think.Listen

I am starting a new series and each week I plan to give you a Divorce Tip.  While they will not be legal in nature, they will be more from a practical stance.
Stop talking to everyone and what happened during their divorce.  Yes, each divorce goes through the same legal steps, but each divorce is [...]

Involved in a Kansas Divorce, But Forced to Live Together

Think you are the only couple doing this?  Trust me, you’re not.  In fact, this has become so common, that Primetime recently highlighted this issue in a story.
Why are divorcing couples still living together?  The main factor is money.  Either they can’t sell their house and/or they can’t afford to live in two separate homes.  [...]

Dealing with Your Kansas Divorce Through the Holidays

It seems crazy that the holidays are just around the corner, especially since the weather has been so warm.  However, as you all know, Thanksgiving is just a week away.  This article will be focused towards adults – how to deal with the changing dynamic of your family as your family has changed significantly, from [...]

Can Text Messages be Used in Court in My Kansas Divorce?

Before I even attempt to answer this question, I want to caution all readers that this issue is a very fact and case specific issue.  While I will answer this question in general, it may not necessarily apply in your case.
Just in case some of you are not techno-savvy: Text messages are messages sent from [...]

Effect of Divorce on Your Tax Liability

This post will make more sense if I give you a scenario as to how this situation may arise:
Husband and Wife are married, and file joint taxes during their marriage.  Husband and Wife divorce.  At the time of the divorce, Husband had a tax liability owed of $1,000.00.  During the divorce negotiations, Husband agrees to [...]

Advantages to Not Settling Your Kansas Divorce

My last post focused on settling your divorce through a settlement agreement, however, I recognize there are times when settling is not advantageous or sometimes, possible.  While I still believe the best way to amicably end your divorce is through settlement, having a divorce trial may be necessary under the following circumstances:

You are [...]