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Why am I a Kansas Divorce Attorney?

I sometimes internally cringe when people ask my profession, but outwardly I perk up and tell them I am a Family Law Attorney (with a smile).  Yes, I know, Family Law really doesn’t exactly mask the truth of the bulk of my practice which is divorce, however, it does seem to soften the blow somewhat.  [...]

Divorce Tip of the Week: Your Attorney is Not a Therapist

I am an attorney that takes great pride in my ability to listen, understand and assist clients in processing certain thoughts and emotions during their divorce.  I believe this creates a great attorney/client trust relationship.  However, clients must understand that attorney’s are not therapists.  While we do our very best to listen and understand, often [...]

The effect your Kansas Divorce Attorney may have on your divorce

I have posted previously about the “style” of your divorce attorney.    This post goes a bit deeper into how your attorney may effect the process, cost and outcome of your divorce.  There are some attorneys who have reputations, and their reputation as an aggressive, tough, or smart attorney will get them clients who feel that [...]

Can I Fire My Kansas Divorce Attorney?

It may seem odd that I, an attorney, is authoring a post on firing your attorney, however, I have determined that most clients don’t fully understand their rights as a client.   I consider my relationships with my client a two-way street.  If my clients do not feel that we are on the same page, don’t [...]

The “Style” of your Kansas Divorce Attorney

This article was written by Michael Sherman of the Alabama Family Law Blog.  I too am faced with the same question that Michael discusses, and agree with his terminology and suggestion of locating a fox, instead of a shark or pit bull.  I discuss with my clients my rational for proceeding in the fashion that [...]

Do I Need an Attorney for my Kansas Divorce and How Much Does this Cost?

I am often asked the question, can’t I just do this myself?  Of course I respond yes.   There are some very simple cases where an attorney is certainly not necessary, especially if there are no assets or children involved.  However, generally I do not recommend a do it yourself divorce.  Simply speaking, you two are [...]

How to Choose A Kansas Divorce Attorney

A divorce is often one of the most traumatic times in a person’s life, often seen as stressful as dealing with a loved one’s death.  You want to choose an attorney who you feel comfortable with and most importantly trust, as some of the biggest decisions for your future can be made during your divorce.  [...]