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Women Required to Pay Maintenance to their Ex-Spouse

It is definitely a sign of the times, and while some see this new(er) trend as a positive sign of equality among men and women, most women are angry over the idea of paying maintenance to their ex-spouse.  Now, as more women become primary breadwinners, women are complaining about the unfairness of paying maintenance to [...]

How to Get Maintenance in Kansas

The main item to remember is about maintenance is: you don’t get it if you don’t ask for it.  Maintenance is not something always awarded in a divorce.  Further, you must ask for maintenance in order for the court to award maintenance.  If you have consulted with an attorney and the attorney assures you that [...]

Tips to Make your Kansas Settlement Agreement Recession Proof

It is hard to think of an agreement to prepare for everything bad that can happen in the future, however, if you read your proposed settlement agreement in light of the fact that you and your spouses economic situation could change at any time in the future, you will most likely have an agreement that [...]

Can Maintenance be Modified or Terminated in Kansas?

Maintenance can be modified or terminated, but the factors for modification or termination depend on how the Decree of Divorce or Settlement Agreement is drafted.  When reviewing your agreement, or before signing your settlement agreement, be sure to consider different factors and future scenarios with respect to you paying, or receiving maintenance.
Maintenance Termination
Common maintenance termination [...]

Kansas Maintenance Case – In re the Marriage of Hair

In re the Marriage of Hair, 193 P.3d 504 (Kan.App. Oct 03, 2008)
This is a good case to familiarize yourself with as it has been eye opening to the court’s awarding maintenance.  As mentioned in a prior post, the factors the court may consider when determining maintenance are:

age of the parties
the parties’ present and prospective [...]

Factors the Kansas Courts Consider in Awarding Maintenance

Maintenance is the terminology that Kansas uses to define what is commonly termed alimony.  Maintenance is not awarded in all cases, and further, must be asked for in the pleadings in order to receive it.  The purpose of maintenance is to rectify an imbalance in earning power of the parties.  [...]

Tax Implications of Divorce

It’s that time of the year again, dreaded tax season. If you were divorced in 2008, you will want to advise your accountant or tax preparer of your new filing status, and you may need to provide your accountant a copy of your divorce decree or settlement agreement so he/she can verify how you [...]