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Paternity Actions in Kansas May Soon Increase

After reading a recent article on CNN discussing out of wedlock births, I realized it is more important than ever to educate parents on the need and  responsibility of filing a Paternity Action when a child is born out of wedlock.  For the full CNN article, click here.
The statistics listed in the article are astounding:
Nearly [...]

Child Custody in a Kansas Paternity Action

Refer to previous post regarding determination of paternity. For child custody and child support orders to be entered, first a paternity determination must be entered into by the court. In a paternity action, the court has a duty to enter orders regarding custody and visitation if both parents are parties to the action.
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Kansas law requires non-biological father to pay child support

Below is an article posted in the Kansas City Star discussing a very interesting topic in paternity law.  Currently, Kansas law will require a “presumed father” to pay child support for the child even if genetic tests show he isn’t the father.   Senate Bill No. 27 has been introduced to amend KSA 38-1114.  The bill would allow any presumed [...]

How to Establish Paternity in Kansas

In Kansas, when a child is born to unwed parents, a determination of paternity must be determined in order for the biological father to have establish parental rights such as child support and custody. In 1985, Kansas adopted a modified version of the Uniform Parentage Act, which is the current law governing paternity determinations.

Paternity [...]