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Spending the Holidays as an “Extended” Family

I know some of you are visiting this site contemplating divorce, but some of you are also looking for guidance regarding post-divorce issues.  Whether you are divorced or not, this article is relevant in the sense that there is a hope that everyone can heal and move on in a positive direction, while focusing on [...]

How your Kansas Divorce affects your health insurance

Below is an article written by two health insurance agents who have become appalled at the misinformation divorce attorney’s have given their clients with respect to health insurance after the divorce.  I have previously written a post on this article, however, I thought it might be beneficial to hear this information from an insurance expert.
BY [...]

Dating After Your Kansas Divorce

I recently came across an article discussing the dos and don’ts of dating after your divorce.  Here is a link to the full article.
Post-Divorce Dating Pitfalls
About to start dating again after a divorce or the end of a long-term relationship? There are reasons to be careful, but these tips can help you avoid some of [...]

Stepfamilies, Stepkids and Stepparents after your Kansas divorce

I recently came across a great resource to help families deal with issues post divorce, more specificially, stepfamilies.  This website is authored by a ex-wife, and her ex-husband’s new wife, therefore they have a great perspective on this issue.  They also suggest to rephrase the term “step” to “bonus” as the connotation with “step” can [...]

Tips for Single Parents

Many parents face challenges after a divorce, but one challenge to handle with great delicacy is the difficulty of raising the children on your own.  Below is an excerpt of an article written by Lenore Skomal for  Here are some tips to running your newly single household:

Life Insurance included in Property Division in Kansas Divorce

Should you cancel life insurance policies as a result of divorce??  Should you change the beneficiaries??  To answer this question the owner(s) should consider the purpose of the policy.  Most likely, coverage was obtained in the event of one’s death to cover their burial, pay off the mortgage and other expenses, and to provide for [...]


One hot topic in the news this past week has been Stepmothers.  A celebrity stepmother was quoted as saying:
“I understand that he has a mom and I respect that,” Bundchen said of the son from Brady’s previous relationship with actress Bridget Moynihan. “But, to me, it’s not like because somebody else delivered him that’s not [...]

Kansas Divorce and Social Security Benefits

If your marriage lasted longer than 10 years, you may be entitled to your ex-spouses social security benefits.
If have never asked Social Security about receiving benefits based on your ex-spouse’s work, you should consider discussing this option with your attorney, or review this website.
Social Security Benefits general rules:

Your ex-spouse must still be living
You must know [...]

Dating in the Workplace

The workplace is a common place to meet people to date.  The workplace is often seen as a safe place to find suitors as you get to know people on a very comfortable level, and the sexual pressure is generally not present during the “getting to know you” phase, as compared with a bar.  However, [...]

The Most Important Relationship After Your Divorce

I came across this article and thought it was very insightful.  It is very difficult to focus attention on yourself and begin to appreciate who you are and how you will love again.  However, in order to form beneficial and healthy relationships after your divorce, you need to focus on one person first – yourself.  [...]