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The Expense of Not Listening to Your Attorney

I am not always correct.  I said it, and yes, I mean it.
However, there are a lot of instances in a divorce case where you need to listen to your attorney and trust that your attorney has your best interests at heart.  For instance, this weekend I met with a client who wanted to file [...]

Divorce Doesn’t Equal Failure

Sure, I know what you are thinking….of course you would say that, you are a divorce attorney.  Yes, that is true, however, I have family members and close personal friends who are divorced, going through a divorce or living in an unhappy marriage.  I hate the association with failure that people give themselves when facing [...]

Free Divorce Arbitration

Is the only thing you and your spouse agree on anymore is that you want a divorce? You both want a divorce, but the process and potential cost are overwhelming.  Award-winning documentary producer is currently seeking couples who would be willing to share on-camera what really happens in divorce and resolve their issues in arbitration [...]

Insurance to Protect you in Case of a Kansas Divorce??

I have thought about writing about this twice.  I have seen the ads for WedLock Divorce Insurance and at first I thought it was a joke, but after reviewing their website and seeing several different magazines feature articles about the product, I decided to research it more in depth.  I honestly cannot say if I [...]

Divorce Tip of the Week: Your Attorney is Not a Mind Reader

My goodness, my job would be much easier if I could just jump right in my client’s heads and really understand what he/she is thinking, wants, is upset or confused about, or why they won’t be honest with me.  Really, this post is not about being honest with your attorney (we will save that one [...]

Iowa Judges Ousted Over Same Sex Marriage Ruling

I know I generally write about things that pertain to Kansas law, however, I wanted to share with you a story that was of interest to me. For the full text of the article in the New York Times, click here.
Three Judges received a majority of votes to remove them from office.   The Judges [...]

Social Media as Evidence in Your Kansas Divorce

I have posted articles warning about the potential use of social media in your Kansas divorce, however, this article addresses several factors that must be met before the Court will allow the evidence to come in.  Here is link to the full article.
Please remember that Kansas is no-fault divorce state, however, there are instances [...]

Kansas Offers Tax Amnesty

In these tough economic times, some families have to decide who to pay and who not to pay.  A great number of families for the past few years have decided to not pay Uncle Sam.  It’s just taxes, no big deal, right?  WRONG.  On top of the money you owe, late penalties and interest keep [...]

Wife Learns of Husband’s (Second) Marriage via Facebook

Have you heard the story about the Wife who learned of her Husband’s Second Marriage on Facebook?  It was posted released through the Associated Press and the full story is below.  The story is absolutely bizarre and horrendous considering there are young children involved in this circus.  There are a few things that I urge [...]

Social Media and Your Kansas Divorce

As you know, there is a current trend to publish your personal, social and professional life on the Internet.  You can learn a lot about a virtual stranger by perusing the social media publicly available.  Whether you are using social media to network for business or pleasure, you need to use some common sense about [...]