Effects of Your Health and Child Custody in Kansas

If you have not read about the North Carolina case wherein a mother with Stage IV breast cancer lost custody of her kids, please read it.  I am shocked by this outcome, however, I do know and understand that each and every child custody case is very fact specific.  According to the Court’s ruling, cancer was only ONE factor, they had a myriad of factors to deal with such as mental health concerns, allegations of cheating, restraining orders and domestic violence.  I do not believe I have all of the facts available to me to state  my feelings about this case, however, I do believe that this case is somewhat shocking and it sets a scary precedent.

This case brought up some questions regarding custody, that are mostly rhetorical in nature:

1. Is is better for the children to be uprooted from the environment they know in an effort to protect them from potentially being damaged due to a parent’s illness?

2.  Is it in the best interests of the children to take them away from their mother who may not live for another six months?

3.  Does this ruling set a precedence for all ill people to potentially lose custody of their children?

4.  Are children better off to live with a healthy parent who works full time, requiring the children to be in daycare  or with a parent who does not work, is available for the children, but has to attend several doctor appointments during the week?

5.  Would it be possible for divorced parents to understand what is best for the children is for BOTH parents to be involved in the children’s daily lives and find some way to make this work?

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