Unreimbursed Medical Bills after my Kansas Divorce

Unreimbursed medical bills (co-pays, prescriptions, therapy, etc) can be a nightmare for parties to deal with after divorces.  I would suggest to insert language in your settlement agreement or decree providing for the process of how unreimbursed expenses should be dealt with.  For starters, pursuant to the Kansas Child Support guidelines, unreimbursed medical expenses shall be split proportionate to the parties income as listed on the most recent child support worksheet (line D.2).  Second, you need to specify how often each party will share the bills.  I would suggest a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of quarterly.   Additionally, a time limit should be stated determining the amount of time for reimbursement (for example 60 days from the date of receipt of the bill).

I also suggest to have language as to how the parties should deal with obtaining services that are not covered by insurance (absent an emergency).  If the parties have joint custody, then the parties need to have a mechanism for discussing and agreeing upon the treatment sought prior to obtaining services.  If you do not agree upon the route of treatment and decide to unilaterally seek treatment, you may be stuck paying for 100% of the expense (this is dependent on a lot of factors, I am just cautioning against making decisions unilaterally).

Even though your decree or separation agreement is very clear on unreimbursed medical expenses, it does not mean that you will receive reimbursement from your ex-spouse.  What I suggest doing is wait until the total adds up to an amount worth taking time off from work.  I would suggest to visit the Johnson County Trustee’s website and complete the Motion for Reimbursement of Medical Expenses form.

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