Why You Shouldn’t Ask For Your Friends Advice During Your Kansas Divorce

Every divorce is different.  Different facts, different courthouse, different judge and most of all different parties.  People who have been through a divorce often end up thinking they are experts on divorce.  Granted, they have experience in divorce, but they are only an expert with respect to their specific case, not the field of divorce.  Most people turn to their friends or family members with experience of divorce prior to seeking legal counsel, however, I caution readers to be wary that what your friend experienced may very well not be what you experience.

Reasons to NOT believe what everyone else is telling you about their divorce:

1) When you look at your own divorce, there are many emotions involved, therefore you may not be able to accurately decifer what is the law v. what you think is fair.

2) Every family is different.  Divorce cases are about families, so each divorce case will be different.   Different facts, different judge, different attorneys, children, etc.

3) The law and case precedent changes often.  What happened in your friends case a few years ago may not be the law that is applied to your case today.

My advice is to use your friends for support, not advice.  Ask someone to listen, but not necessarily ask them what you should do.  Use your attorney for guidance with respect to child support, property division, division of debts, etc.  Use your friends to help you get through the scary days of not knowing what your future looks like and the loneliness that often accompanies divorcees.

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