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The Expense of Not Listening to Your Attorney

I am not always correct.  I said it, and yes, I mean it.
However, there are a lot of instances in a divorce case where you need to listen to your attorney and trust that your attorney has your best interests at heart.  For instance, this weekend I met with a client who wanted to file [...]

Effects of Your Health and Child Custody in Kansas

If you have not read about the North Carolina case wherein a mother with Stage IV breast cancer lost custody of her kids, please read it.  I am shocked by this outcome, however, I do know and understand that each and every child custody case is very fact specific.  According to the Court’s ruling, cancer [...]

Unreimbursed Medical Bills after my Kansas Divorce

Unreimbursed medical bills (co-pays, prescriptions, therapy, etc) can be a nightmare for parties to deal with after divorces.  I would suggest to insert language in your settlement agreement or decree providing for the process of how unreimbursed expenses should be dealt with.  For starters, pursuant to the Kansas Child Support guidelines, unreimbursed medical expenses shall [...]

A Guardian ad Litem’s Role in Your Kansas Divorce or Child Custody Case

I realized that I have referred to Guardian ad Litem’s in several articles, but have not fully explained what a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) is, or what their role is in a divorce or child custody case.   A Guardian ad Litem is the child’s representative in court when custody is at issue.   You can either request [...]

Social Media and Your Kansas Divorce

As you know, there is a current trend to publish your personal, social and professional life on the Internet.  You can learn a lot about a virtual stranger by perusing the social media publicly available.  Whether you are using social media to network for business or pleasure, you need to use some common sense about [...]

Kansas Child Custody Evaluations

A child custody evaluation may be necessary when the parties are arguing over child custody and mediation has not worked.  There is a relatively new program founded in February 2008 in Johnson County called the Layne Project, Inc., that is children focused and uses a team approach to evaluate the custody issue(s).  The team consists [...]

What If My Kids Don’t Want to See Me During My Parenting Time?

Some of you reading this may wonder what “Parenting Time” is.  Parenting time is the revised word for visitation.  Parents felt that there was a negative connotation with visitation, and as such, the courts refer to the non primary residential parent’s time with the children as parenting time.
Many clients, and yes, generally fathers, get frustrated [...]

Extended Summer Parenting Time for Kansas Divorced Parents

School is out, summer has arrived.  Now it is time to plan your family vacation, however, you do not have primary residential custody of your children….How does this work?
First, there should be a provision in your parenting plan regarding summer vacation.  Depending on the age of your child(ren), the plan is usually for 2, one-week [...]

Can the child decide who to live with in Kansas?

This question has been popping up more and more lately, and it is not an easy question to answer. Quite frankly, it is a gray area. Yes, the child can tell the judge who he/she wants to live with, however, the court does not give full weight to the child’s choice.
The majority of [...]

Child Custody in a Kansas Paternity Action

Refer to previous post regarding determination of paternity. For child custody and child support orders to be entered, first a paternity determination must be entered into by the court. In a paternity action, the court has a duty to enter orders regarding custody and visitation if both parents are parties to the action.
The [...]