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Kansas Divorce and Bankruptcy – How to Not be Axed by your Ex’s Debt

Guest post from Kevin Craig.
Divorce And Bankruptcy- Stay Away From Being Axed By Your Ex’s Debt
written by Kevin Craig
“When a man is in love or in debt, someone else has the advantage”- Bill Balance.
Being on the verge of filing divorce and bankruptcy is certainly not an enviable experience of life and if you are going [...]

The Expense of Not Listening to Your Attorney

I am not always correct.  I said it, and yes, I mean it.
However, there are a lot of instances in a divorce case where you need to listen to your attorney and trust that your attorney has your best interests at heart.  For instance, this weekend I met with a client who wanted to file [...]

Choosing your Emotions During your Kansas Divorce

Below is an excerpt from an article posted on Huffington Post.  The author of the article is  NY Times Bestseller for her book, and I think her insight into dealing with very hurtful words during a divorce are wonderful.
So when a different kind of rejection came my way in words that none of us wants [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Ask For Your Friends Advice During Your Kansas Divorce

Every divorce is different.  Different facts, different courthouse, different judge and most of all different parties.  People who have been through a divorce often end up thinking they are experts on divorce.  Granted, they have experience in divorce, but they are only an expert with respect to their specific case, not the field of divorce. [...]

How You and Your Spouse Can Make Your Kansas Divorce Amicable

Please read the title of this article again.  Note is doesn’t say “YOU”, it says “YOU AND YOUR SPOUSE”.  It truly does take both of you to agree on keeping things amicable, but on the other side of the coin, if YOU keep these simple things in mind, then maybe you can keep your spouse [...]

Co-Parenting Tip: Be Present During Your Parenting Time

Well, duh.  I have to be there since I am the one responsible for taking care of my kids.  Not what I mean.  Being present means being there with your full mind, attention and energy.  While this may not be feasible to do 100% of the time, it is especially important to do if you [...]

Divorce Doesn’t Equal Failure

Sure, I know what you are thinking….of course you would say that, you are a divorce attorney.  Yes, that is true, however, I have family members and close personal friends who are divorced, going through a divorce or living in an unhappy marriage.  I hate the association with failure that people give themselves when facing [...]

Insurance to Protect you in Case of a Kansas Divorce??

I have thought about writing about this twice.  I have seen the ads for WedLock Divorce Insurance and at first I thought it was a joke, but after reviewing their website and seeing several different magazines feature articles about the product, I decided to research it more in depth.  I honestly cannot say if I [...]

My Kansas Divorce is Uncontested, I think….

I get a call at least once a week from a prospective client and hear something along the lines of, “I think my divorce is uncontested”.  While I understand that some cases really do start out amicable and go south from there, there are several red flags to pay attention to when determining if your [...]

Divorce Tip of the Week: Your Attorney is Not a Mind Reader

My goodness, my job would be much easier if I could just jump right in my client’s heads and really understand what he/she is thinking, wants, is upset or confused about, or why they won’t be honest with me.  Really, this post is not about being honest with your attorney (we will save that one [...]