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Telling the Kids About your Kansas Divorce

It may be hard to tell your spouse you want a divorce, but when it comes to telling the children, this is the most difficult task for a majority of my clients. In a perfect world, you and your spouse would sit down with the children together, advise them that Mom and Dad are [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Ask For Your Friends Advice During Your Kansas Divorce

Every divorce is different.  Different facts, different courthouse, different judge and most of all different parties.  People who have been through a divorce often end up thinking they are experts on divorce.  Granted, they have experience in divorce, but they are only an expert with respect to their specific case, not the field of divorce. [...]

Co-Parenting Tip: Be Present During Your Parenting Time

Well, duh.  I have to be there since I am the one responsible for taking care of my kids.  Not what I mean.  Being present means being there with your full mind, attention and energy.  While this may not be feasible to do 100% of the time, it is especially important to do if you [...]

Why am I a Kansas Divorce Attorney?

I sometimes internally cringe when people ask my profession, but outwardly I perk up and tell them I am a Family Law Attorney (with a smile).  Yes, I know, Family Law really doesn’t exactly mask the truth of the bulk of my practice which is divorce, however, it does seem to soften the blow somewhat.  [...]

Insurance to Protect you in Case of a Kansas Divorce??

I have thought about writing about this twice.  I have seen the ads for WedLock Divorce Insurance and at first I thought it was a joke, but after reviewing their website and seeing several different magazines feature articles about the product, I decided to research it more in depth.  I honestly cannot say if I [...]

Divorce Tip of the Week: Your Attorney is Not a Mind Reader

My goodness, my job would be much easier if I could just jump right in my client’s heads and really understand what he/she is thinking, wants, is upset or confused about, or why they won’t be honest with me.  Really, this post is not about being honest with your attorney (we will save that one [...]

Common Legal Mistakes in a Kansas Divorce

Below is an article posted on a great divorce website, divorce360.com.   This is a great article for a general idea for some dos and don’ts during a divorce.
Full Article Below (Shea Stevens’ comments are underlined):
Top 10 Legal Mistakes in Divorce
Most people facing a divorce are emotionally vulnerable and upset, and many are in a [...]

Can I Fire My Kansas Divorce Attorney?

It may seem odd that I, an attorney, is authoring a post on firing your attorney, however, I have determined that most clients don’t fully understand their rights as a client.   I consider my relationships with my client a two-way street.  If my clients do not feel that we are on the same page, don’t [...]

The “Style” of your Kansas Divorce Attorney

This article was written by Michael Sherman of the Alabama Family Law Blog.  I too am faced with the same question that Michael discusses, and agree with his terminology and suggestion of locating a fox, instead of a shark or pit bull.  I discuss with my clients my rational for proceeding in the fashion that [...]