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Kansas Divorce and Bankruptcy – How to Not be Axed by your Ex’s Debt

Guest post from Kevin Craig.
Divorce And Bankruptcy- Stay Away From Being Axed By Your Ex’s Debt
written by Kevin Craig
“When a man is in love or in debt, someone else has the advantage”- Bill Balance.
Being on the verge of filing divorce and bankruptcy is certainly not an enviable experience of life and if you are going [...]

You can’t make your spouse (or soon be be ex-spouse) a better parent

Harsh words? Maybe.  Reality? Yes.
I actually heard the Judge tell a soon to be ex-wife these words last week in the courtroom.  She was complaining that she has no free time, that he hasn’t had the kids overnight for over a year, etc, etc.  The Judge, very clearly and calmly explained that he has no [...]

Why am I a Kansas Divorce Attorney?

I sometimes internally cringe when people ask my profession, but outwardly I perk up and tell them I am a Family Law Attorney (with a smile).  Yes, I know, Family Law really doesn’t exactly mask the truth of the bulk of my practice which is divorce, however, it does seem to soften the blow somewhat.  [...]

Divorce Tip of the Week: Your Attorney is Not a Therapist

I am an attorney that takes great pride in my ability to listen, understand and assist clients in processing certain thoughts and emotions during their divorce.  I believe this creates a great attorney/client trust relationship.  However, clients must understand that attorney’s are not therapists.  While we do our very best to listen and understand, often [...]

Is My Kansas Divorce Uncontested?

Let’s not focus on the actual term, let’s focus on you and your spouse.  While the common term is “uncontested”, some may call it amicable, no-fault, quick, fast, easy, etc.  It is easier to answer this question if we focus on what is going on between you and your spouse in order to determine if [...]

Do I Really Need a Lawyer for my Kansas Uncontested Divorce?

Simple answer: Yes.  Your next question: Why?
Here are just a few reasons why you need an attorney for your Kansas Uncontested Divorce:
1. Even though your divorce is uncontested, that does not mean that you will not have to follow the Kansas law, local court rules and courtroom procedure. If you file your divorce pro se [...]

Do it Yourself Kansas Divorce

An article was posted recently in the Salina Journal regarding the issues that courts are presented when parties try to represent themselves in court.  In an effort to assist the pro-se litigant, Kansas courts are making forms more accesible to the public, and are working on a pilot program allowing attorney’s to assist clients in [...]

Affordable Avenue to Divorce in Kansas

I recently posted an article discussing the affordabilty of a divorce.  The financial advisor suggested that you can afford to get divorced when your living situation has become so uncomfortable it is taking a toll on you, your spouse and your family.  I understand what you are thinking, easy for her to say.  However, a [...]